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If you seem to be getting an unusual number of bounced messages from e-mails you know you are not sending, it is recommended that you change your password immediately.  If you need assistance to change your password, contact the office at 713.993.3300.

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Users dialing into the 713-625-9909 access number should now use our new 281-220-0067 access number. If you are in an out lying area and are not using the 713-625-9909 number please check for your number here

If you have questions or problems please call 713-993-3300 or email

Scheduled Maintenance Outage 08/31/2014

We will have a Scheduled Maintenance Outage on Sunday Morning August 31st. System maintenance will be performed from 4:00am to 4:30am.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Labor Day 9/1/2014

HALNet offices will be closed in observance of Labor Day Monday September 1st, 2014. Voicemail messages will be monitored for any emergency situations.


HALNet New Address

There are still people coming by the old office. Our new address is:

5959 Westheimer Rd.
Suite 105
Houston, TX 77057

Also, please make checks out to HALNet, not HAL-PC.


Major Outage Update Resolution 11:30PM 08/21/2014

The remaining original users who were down should be back up. AT&T tested and restored them on their router and should be working now. If you still have an issue with your DSL service, reboot your DSL modem by powering it off for 30 seconds. If that doesn't work, power everything off for 5 minutes (DSL Modem, Router and Computer) and then bring it back up. If you think you were missed please let us know and we will get you restored also. Thank you for your patience.


Major Outage Update 7:45PM 08/21/2014

The 99% that were down since yesterday look to be working fine after the hardware outage. If you are still not working since yesterday, reboot your DSL modem by powering it off for 30 seconds. If that doesn't work, power everything off for 5 minutes (DSL Modem, Router and Computer) and then bring it back up. Now that the OC3 circuit is clean, we can continue troubleshooting the originals that were down since this helps solve their problem further. The ticket has been escalated with AT&T to solve the issue finally. We will update you with results.


Major Outage Update 3:45PM 08/21/2014

The major emergency hardware outage that happened since yesterday that affected many DSL users looks to be functional now. 99% of users should be back up if you were down since it happened yesterday. If you are still not working since yesterday, reboot your DSL modem by powering it off for 30 seconds. The original people down before the outage yesterday, we are still troubleshooting now to bring you back up.


Major Carrier Outage

There is a Major Carrier outage affecting many DSL customers. AT&T has replaced hardware and testing it out to bring the circuit back up as of 12:30PM 08/21/2014. Will update status soon as more information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.



JULY 28, 2014

So there is no confusion, HAL-PC (the educational portion) is closing down. HALNet the internet service of HAL-PC will continue on. Just letting you know the HALNet service you have been using all these years won't change names. The new company you will be billed by, will be called HALNet instead of HAL-PC. There is NO change or takeover. HALNet is still your provider. Instead of having HAL-PC as the decision maker, there is a new one. That's basically it. We want to leave HALNet intact the way it operates. We don't want to do like big companies do (such as AT&T or Comcast) when they take over. It usually means prices go up and layoffs. Neither are happening. New services will be introduced in the next few months. Any questions should be addressed at the main number at (713)993-3300.

About us: We are a privately held IT consulting company since 1992. In its infancy, it started doing moonlighting computer consulting and added services as time went on. A wide range of IT and technical services were introduced over time. The owner led two SIG's at HAL-PC throughout the 1990's and has been very involved with the club. A lot of our success is a result of HAL-PC. You are now giving us the opportunity to return so much that we have gained from HAL-PC.  And thus, it enables us to keep the tradition and legacy of HAL-PC to live on through HALNet.

Future of HALNet

The HAL-PC Board of Directors has chosen GTek Services to continue the HALNet systems operations. The owner is a long time HAL member and really wants to carry the HAL traditions into the future. This creates the question "what does this mean to me?" The answer is nothing and many things. The nothing part of the answer is, the transition should be seamless to you in the sense that the name, mail choice of Horde or Sqmail, the filtering, etc. will all remain the same. The phone numbers you call and the people you speak with will be the same. Yes, Jeff, Doug, and Lucille will still be answering the phones and trying to help you with any problems you may have.

There will be two minor changes starting August 1. There will be a new physical address, and you will be required to exchange your HAL modem for one that is programmed for a new configuration. If you own your modem it must be reprogrammed when you are contacted by us. You will be notified of the new address soon. If you were on auto-renew and want to continue your service you MUST contact HAL-PC before August 1. If you DO NOT contact us your account will expire on August 1, unless you have prepaid. If you paid in advance, your account will carry forward with the services you paid for until your balance has expired. If you left HALNet and had prepaid, you have not been forgotten. You will be contacted. There will be minor changes to special services such as static IPs or co-location. If you left HALNet with the exception of special services you can rejoin but not right away as everyone is very busy taking care of those that remained with us. The many things part of the answer is the best answer for a long history of HAL-PC. GTek Services is going to take over the HAL-PC web site and over the next few months plans to enhance the web site to help the HAL-PC community stay in touch. They want to add things like a forum and activities section to the web site. If your phone service is other than AT&T, the HALNet service will expand to include you. These things and others will occur after the move, which will take some time. You will be notified as the opportunities for you occur. The move may require a loss of service for a few hours early in the morning some days. As you can imagine there are many parts of the plan to be resolved. As the plan develops you will be notified of any changes.

HAL-PC Board of Directors

HAL-PC is closing

We wish to thank our many loyal members who have supported HAL over the years.

Unfortunately, our changing society was reflected in the extremely low attendance at our Annual June General Meeting on June 21, 2014, and the general lack of volunteer participation.  After much deliberation on June 24, the Board of Directors voted to dissolve the Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.  We will continue to support our members for approximately the next month after which most operations will have ceased.

If you are using auto-pay for your membership fee, that function is being turned off.  Regretfully any membership time remaining on your account will not be refunded.  A separate email will be sent that will inform you about your HALNet account.




On June 24, 2014, the Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc. (HAL-PC) Board of Directors reluctantly voted to close HAL-PC. Technical support for users of HALNet will be available via phone at 713-993-3300 through July 31, 2014, when operations will cease. Those users whose expiration date of service is imminent will need to pay for the July service. Since auto renews are being turned off, please call 713-993-3300 to pay for this July service so the service will not be terminated on your expire date. As many HALNet reminder calls as possible will be made by HAL-PC volunteers.

Work is underway by the Board to identify and provide HALNet users a seamless transition to another provider of the services now offered by HALNet such as e-mail, internet service/connectivity (DSL, dialup), filtering, etc., with the possibility of a personal web page. That transition will include the moving of your e-mail to that provider. Please allow us a little time to work this out.

If you decide not to use the seamless transition route, instructions/procedures will shortly be available on the HAL-PC web site for you to follow so that you can move your e-mail to your chosen e-mail provider.

Some users have pre-paid for HALNet services beyond the month of July. The Board is in the process of developing a plan that will include addressing this.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving your internet needs.




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