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Email and Spam Information

General Information/FAQs

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about Spam
  2. Checking your email headers
  3. HALNet's Postini filtering system
  4. Frequently Asked Questions about Postini
  5. HALNet storage and attachment size limits
  6. Additional HALNet email accounts
  7. Setting up HAL-PC members free email account

General Problems

  1. You receive multiple repeat emails
  2. Your email program unexpectedly terminates
  3. You receive email not addressed to you (or from yourself etc)

Microsoft Outlook Issues

  1. Outlook Express Error Codes
  2. Outlook 2003 Solution Center
  3. Outlook 2007 Solution Center
  4. Microsoft Email Solution Center
  5. An Error Message Appears When You Try to Delete an E-mail Message in Outlook Express
  6. "Save password" setting not retained in Outlook or Outlook Express
  7. Installing MS Office 2007 changes Outlook spell checker language
  8. Plain text mode in Outlook Express in Windows XP SP2
  9. You receive a "Socket error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800ccc0e" error message when you try to send or receive e-mail in Outlook or in Outlook Express
  10. You receive time-out error 0x8004210a or 0x800ccc19 when you view a POP3 e-mail account with antivirus software installed
  11. Error 0x80042108 Outlook is Unable to Connect to Your Incoming POP3 e-mail Server
  12. Error 0x800CCC0F when sending or receiving email. Usually caused by Antivirus software scanning email
  13. Error 0x800CCC7D when sending or receiving email.
  14. Error 0x800CCC78 when sending or receiving email.
  15. Error message "An unknown error has occurred" or "Messaging interface has caused an unknown error" when you try to read or to delete e-mail, or when you click "Send/Receive" in Outlook
  16. Protecting Microsoft Outlook from Viruses
  17. If Outlook Express Will Not Open E-Mail Attachments
  18. Norton Antivirus Causes Outlook Express 6 to Stop Responding
  19. Outlook Express - "Authentication Required" or "Relaying Denied" Error
  20. Outlook 2002/2003 - "Authentication Required" or "Relaying Denied" Error